WANDA Alumna Takes on Goal Setting

With the recent retirement of longtime WANDA Faculty Member Barbara Tyler, we were tasked with finding a new teacher for our popular Goal Setting classes. Thankfully, WANDA Alumna Alexandra (Alex) Schaeffer was a natural fit for the role. 

Alex joined WANDA in 2017 when she was a student at Skyline College. After taking WANDA’s Goal Setting classes, Alex enlisted Barbara to co-teach a similar Goal Setting class at the women’s prison where she had been volunteering.

Alex went on to earn a BA at University of San Francisco and a MA at Stanford. She now resides in Southern California with her son and husband. We are thrilled to have Alex, an expert goal setter in her own right, pass along her knowledge to other WANDA moms. We’ll share more of Alex’s story in an upcoming newsletter.

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