Volunteer Spotlight – Diana Orozco

Diana is a WANDA volunteer and member of our Partnership Committee charged with building our collaborative engagement plan, management process and evaluation. She has also worked with the Program Committee on English to Spanish translation of WANDA’s curriculum materials. She supports WANDA because of its dedicated mission to provide more opportunities to single mothers. “Financial security and building opportunities are possible when the right tools and resources to meet your needs are there. This is what WANDA does, supports single mothers, understands the challenges and invests in their development and that of their families.”

Diana is a Senior Program Manager at All Home, a Bay Area organization advancing regional solutions that disrupt the cycles of poverty and homelessness, redress racial disparities and create more economic mobility opportunities for people with extremely low incomes. In her role, Diana manages the smooth operation of the Regional Impact Council, as well as ongoing implementation of the Regional Action Plan. She joined All Home after working with the Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality on a national research project to listen to people across the country about how they’re making ends meet. In her various roles with that project, she managed field operations and protocol implementation and supported the data collection phase of the project. Diana has also worked for Juma Ventures, a nonprofit social enterprise providing job training for opportunity youth, where she supported financial capability initiatives and services for all youth.

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