Volunteer Profile – Jessica Lorenzo

WANDA’s mission to support single mothers to achieve their lifelong goals is what inspired Jessica Lorenzo (center) to inquire about volunteering back in 2015. Since then, Jessica has been a regular presence at WANDA’s monthly cohort facilitations and has recently taken on the role of lead facilitator with our first partnership pilot with MidPen Housing.

Jessica understands firsthand the challenges and struggles single mothers face and is grateful for the opportunities she’s been given in life as a single mother of two while managing a full time career. Jessica received a BS degree in Business Administration and Management from Cal State East Bay University and has 20 years of professional experience working at high profile Silicon Valley tech companies including Logitech, Genesys, Symantec, and Autodesk. Today she holds a Sales Operations Manager role at Splunk, Inc. where she manages a team within the process and systems organization. Jessica is inspired to lead a giving and caring life and to instill the values of compassion and generosity in her children every chance she gets. Jessica involved her children in giving back to the community at an early age. Combining her work experience with her passion for helping others and mentoring her children to do the same, is what continues to inspire Jessica to give back and pay forward.

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