WANDA Annual Report 2018 – 2019

WANDA (Women’s achievement network and development alliance) helps single mothers succeed through the three e’s – education, equity and empowerment.

WANDA moms are resilient, determined and do indeed find success, often going above and beyond their initial financial, career and life goals. Yet life in Silicon Valley, and the greater Bay Area, is not without seemingly insurmountable challenges.

Yet, our moms can do it. They work towards their goals, gain skills and knowledge, build community among other determined, success-minded women, saving and investing – not only in their financial future, but in themselves.

What if the 300 moms we have served over the past decade could increase ten fold in the next three years?

WANDA is on a path to scale. We will continue to build alliances with social sector partners that will change the face of poverty in the Bay area.

We have been able to accomplish all that we have thanks to supporters like you and we invite you to join us this year to build WANDA’s ripple effect into a surge that expands throughout the Bay Area, California and beyond.

Download the complete WANDA Annual Report 2018 – 2019.

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