WANDA Mentorship Workshop with Corinne Augustine

Our annual Mentorship Workshop led by Corinne Augustine, WANDA faculty and Governance Council member was held on January 12th. Corinne spoke about mentoring and also had moms do exercises individually and in groups.

Corinne covered the basic concepts of mentoring, such as what is a mentor, when do you need a mentor, finding a mentor and being an effective mentee.

Four women from Pure Storage addressed the moms and participated in the breakout groups. Everyone shared their mentor stories. One woman from Pure Storage told her story of being a young single mom and feeling overwhelmed and wanting to leave her entry level IT job. Her boss advised against it, mentored her and she stuck with it. The woman is now director of IT at Pure Storage. There was a really positive response from the WANDA moms. Many thanks to the Pure Storage panel who participated and shared their contact info.

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