WANDA Selected as a Driver of Financial Wellbeing!

WANDA has been chosen as a semifinalist in the Unlocking ₵hange Challenge, a collaboration of BNY Mellon and Ashoka. The challenge focuses on promising social entrepreneurs in the United States with bold ideas to increase financial wellbeing, ensuring communities can set financial goals, grow their personal savings, and access capital, credit, financial services, and products needed to thrive.

TheUnlocking ₵hange Challenge seeks to reward innovations that empower people from underserved communities to be the drivers of their own financial wellbeing, resilience, and freedom! WANDA is proud to be a semifinalist in the challenge, with a chance of winning one of the prestigious awards. We hope to be one of the finalists —top social organizations and ventures who will receive a total of $200,000 in funding, a collaborative digital platform to connect with peers, and feedback from the BNY Mellon and Ashoka team of thought leaders. Stay tuned to hear more about WANDA in the Challenge.

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