You’re WANDA’s Strongest Ally

The most impactful lesson I learned from the program was the importance of having a network of amazing women to guide me along my journey. WANDA empowered me to take charge of my personal finances and thrive when I feel supported. – Sophia S. WANDA Graduate, 2023

WANDA is a strong community of women and allies, committed to investing in single mother success. With immense gratitude for supporters like you, we have transformed this organization into a thriving network of influential alumnae and advocates. Whether you have been a steadfast ally of WANDA since our early days as a giving circle member at the 3rd Door or you have recently joined our community as a donor or partner, you brought WANDA to this pivotal moment.

You are our strongest allies, and as we embark on this exciting new phase in our shared journey, your investment now is more important than ever. As we close on 2023, please consider making a foundational gift and join WANDA’s Donor Circle as an:

For over 16 years, WANDA has been instrumental in helping hundreds of powerful women invest in their first homes, pursue higher-paying jobs, seek promotions, start successful businesses, build their savings, and secure their financial future. With the collective effort of our community, we are proud to share that our WANDA Moms have invested over $1.5 million – creating a ripple effect of positive change in the lives of single mothers and their families in Silicon Valley. Let’s do more together!

Just as our investment of time, funds, and support help WANDA moms thrive and grow into their full potential, your contribution now will provide WANDA with the solid foundation we need to expand our alumnae network and offerings, serve more moms, and extend into more regions.

We are deeply grateful for your support!


Danika Dellor
Executive Director